State Proposes Deer Urine Ban to Prevent CWD Spreading


Some deer hunters in New York will be upset to hear they might soon be banned from using deer urine to attract deer to their cherished hunting spots.

State wildlife authorities say the attractant can cause the spreading of chronic wasting disease, a horrible ailment caused by infectious proteins called prions. Biologists believe the prions are spread through saliva, feces and urine.

The state has only just recently proposed the new regulation, and already the ban hasn’t sat well with hunters and deer farmers alike, who collect and sell the urine to manufactures, who then market this stuff under names like “CodeBlue” and “Buck Bomb.”

Deer hunters who use doe-in-estrus in the field are equally upset.

According to NY Daily News, Dave Vanderzee, president of the New York Deer Farmers Association, told The Associated Press “When you’re bow hunting, you have to draw the deer in close, and attractant is the only way to do it in New York because you’re [already] not allowed to have a bait pile.”

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