Video: Would You Slip Your Feet into a Pair of These Largemouth Bass Crocs?


Crocs, the infamous rubber shoe/sandal, just got a complete makeover, and we’re totally taking the bait!

Now, because Crocs is acting a little koi, we aren’t entirely sure if this design is legit or not, but we’d definitely slip a pair of these bad boys on our feet if they are!

Check them out in the video below (be sure to turn up the volume):

My cod, those are some awesome looking shoes . . .

Wouldn’t it just make your day if you were out fishing and Bill Dance floated by rocking these largemouth bass shoes? It kind of brings back memories of this one-time viral video:

It turns out you actually can purchase these sandals on eBay, and you can follow this link right here to order yourself a pair!

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