Video: Watch This Buck Let Out Some Pent-Up Aggression on Shedding Velvet


It has begun . . .

Velvet will shed naturally from a buck’s antlers, but that doesn’t mean a deer doesn’t help the process along occasionally.

Need proof? Watch the brutal and bloody process this buck goes through to help remove all the velvet from his antlers. This guy is really letting out some pent-up aggression, and I’d say those two saplings are taking quite the beating.

It may look like a gory horror film, but once all of that irritating velvet is shed, beautiful white tines will shine like new on top of his head.

(Remember to turn up the volume for best viewing.)

I don’t know about you, but this clip totally set a fire underneath my seat for hunting season!

Has anyone else ever captured footage or pictures of bucks shedding velvet on their trail cams? If you have, post them up and let’s see them!

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