Coyote Hit by Car, Embedded in Grill and SURVIVED


Meet the wiliest of all coyotes that has taken Facebook by storm.

When Georgie Knox of Airdrie, Canada hit a coyote on his way to work one morning, he assumed by the crunching sound he heard, that he had killed it.

What he certainly didn’t expect, is what happened at a stop light, many miles after crossing paths with the animal.

Approximately 30 minutes later and around 20.9 miles down the road, Knox got a tip from a construction woman that there was a coyote embedded in his car. In his Facebook post, Knox says he got out to look for himself, and saw the coyote looking up and blinking at him.

Alberta Fish and Wildlife was notified right away, and they came to rescue him.

Somehow, the animal was freed and suffered only minor injuries despite being hit by a car and hitching a ride all the way from Airdrie to Calgary on the highway!

Have a look at the wily creature in the Facebook post below:

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