Germany’s Largest Arms Manufacturer Says They Will No Longer Sell Guns to War Zones


Heckler & Koch, the German weapons manufacturer, has been dubbed Germany’s “deadliest company” after an estimated 2 million people have been killed by their guns. However, H&K is now working to put that trend to rest.

According to The Guardian, the company is making strides to ensure that their firearms no longer get sold into war zones or countries that violate corruption and democracy standards, including Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, or any African countries.

Company officials have said they will now only sell to “green countries,” which they defined as: membership of Nato or “Nato-equivalent” (Japan, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand); Transparency International’s corruption perceptions index; and the Economist Intelligence Unit’s democracy index.

This move by Heckler & Koch is intriguing, especially since back in 2010, the company got caught illegally selling its high-powered G36 assault rifles to Mexico.

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