Video: Florida Man Drives Can-Am In and Out of Swimming Pool Without Spilling His Beer


A real Florida man holds onto his own beer, no matter what.

It doesn’t matter if he’s driving his four wheeler through the house, or into the backyard swimming pool. Admittedly, it turns out you have to set your beer down to do backward wheelies – don’t try those one-handed.

[Disclaimer: Outdoorhub does not ┬ácondone operating a motor vehicle under the influence of any substance. This Florida man is within the confines of a controlled course – by that we obviously mean his own home – and you probably shouldn’t try this in your pool.]

“Would you like me to hold your beer?” a nearby observer offers. “No, I got this,” said the confident Florida man riding proudly atop his Can-Am XMR 1000 in the deep end of the pool. And by dog, he actually does “got this.”

He struggles at first to get the four wheeler up the steps of the pool – in fact this video almost takes a really ugly turn at the 4:39 mark when the ORV almost flips over on top of him – but, with some assistance he finally completes this durability test and gets the Can-Am out of the pool.

Watch it all unfold in the YouTube video below:

If you’re sitting there baffled by how this machine didn’t shut off under water, here’s how it kept running:

These machines are specifically designed to handle deep mud and water. The engine is sealed and these XMR units have a relocated radiator and intake near the handlebars. All the electronics are sealed tight as well, so as long as the engine is running, it should keep most of the water out of the exhaust. . . We don’t recommend using them as submarines, however.

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