Video: Muzzleloader Explodes in Shooters Face


Let’s talk muzzleloader safety. We have a video to show you not to scare you away from muzzleloaders, but just to remind you to always be careful and aware anytime you’re handling a firearm.

Now, we aren’t positive exactly what caused this malfunction, but judging by how the gun explodes, it seems it was an operator error, opposed to something wrong internally with the firearm.

The guys left hand took the brute of that explosion – and it has certainly seen better days – but all in all, he’s pretty fortunate to walk away from something like that. Always remember: Safety first, people!

Here’s the aftermath of what happened to the gun. . . ¬†and his hand:

(Caution: These images are GRAPHIC; Viewer discretion is advised)

Here’s a slow motion video of the gun exploding in his face:

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