30 Foot-High Kalashnikov Monument Unveiled in Moscow


The statue of Mikhail Kalashnikov, the inventor or the AK-47, has been unveiled during a controversial ceremony in central Moscow.

The 30 foot display shows Kalashnikov holding his famed automatic rifle “not like shooting at someone, not as a fighter even, but as Stradivari, who created the perfect instrument – the violin,” said Salavat Scherbakov, the sculptor of the monument.

The ceremony was reportedly attended by high-ranking Russian officials, which included Vladimir Medinsky, the culture minister, and Petr Biryukov, Moscow’s deputy mayor.

30 ft / 9 m tall statue of Mikhail Kalashnikov revealed in Moscow

“This is Russia’s cultural brand,” Medinsky claimed, moments before a Russian Orthodox priest blessed the statue.

The location where the statue has been raised is said to be, “one of the busiest and commonly used streets in the city,” and that’s where a majority of the backlash has come from. See, some folks don’t necessarily have a problem with the statue of Kalashnikov, but believe it should have been raised elsewhere.

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