Must-See Music Video: Country Artist Tim Montana is Joined by Robert O’Neill – the Navy SEAL Who Shot Osama bin Laden


When Tim Montana teams up with former U.S. Navy SEAL, Robert O’Neill, the result is a music video full of guns, girls, money, and an awesome new song titled “Hillbilly Rich.”

Here’s the deal: New country artist Tim Montana (above left) is buddies with former Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill (above right); yes, the man who shot Osama bin Laden. Both guys are from Butte, Montana.

Tim Montana is a big-time gun enthusiast, as well as an outdoorsman. He grew up living off the grid in the woods near Butte, and learned to play guitar by lantern light. His first single, “Hillbilly Rich,” came out earlier in September, and the music video debuted Sept. 19, 2017, on CMT.

Spoiler alert: Watch for great images of Savage rifles and Federal Premium ammo in the video below. One take away from the video: Tim can definitely shoot — and of course, his military buddy Robert O’Neill is seriously skilled with all firearms! Sit back, crank up the volume and enjoy:

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