Ohio Man Opens Fire on Neighbor as Father Chases Child Wearing Clown Mask


Two Ohio men are facing charges after one man opened fire on his neighbor for wearing a clown mask and chasing his daughter around the streets.

Fox 8 Cleveland reports Vernon Barret Jr. was arrested after a rather dramatic series of events took place outside his apartment one Saturday evening. According to the report, Barret put the clown mask on and attempted to scare his 6-year-old daughter into behaving. Instead, he ended up scaring the living daylights out of her, and found himself in handcuffs at the end of it all.

It all started when 911 received a frantic phone call from a woman, claiming there was a little girl frantically trying to get in her car because there was a clown chasing her.

The little girl then ran into a nearby apartment building.

A neighbor by the name of Dion Santiago, 48, got involved in the scenario after the frightened child ran into his apartment fleeing the clown. Dion acknowledged himself firing a gun out his apartment window, but says he was aiming for a nearby yard, according to police.

Santiago has been charged with using a weapon while intoxicated, however both men plan on fighting the charges against them.

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