GRAPHIC VIDEO: Police Decide to Shoot Injured Bear on Highway After Being Hit by Car


Another unfortunate incident occurred on a highway in New York, and a Facebook post made the situation appear to be something it wasn’t.

Let’s walk through this one . . .

The video starts off with police officers pulled over on the side of a I86 just outside Steamburg, New York. The camera eventually pans to show a bear sitting in the middle of the road with a line of traffic growing behind it.

An officer can be seen loading a shotgun and walking toward the bear, which makes no attempt to run away – very strange behavior for a black bear.

The part that the Facebook post left out (of course) was that the bear had just been hit by a car and clearly wasn’t in good condition. The officers were trying to give the bear a chance to revive itself, but ultimately they made the decision to put the bear out of misery after it had been hit by a car.

You can watch the video for yourself below:

(WARNING: Some viewers may find the video disturbing; viewer discretion is advised)

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