Pair of Anglers Rack Up $10,000 Fine for Keeping 38 Fish Over the Legal Limit


A pair of fishermen from Ontario had a very successful day on the water – and now they’re emptying their wallets to pay for it . . .

According to CBC Canada, Johan and Isaac Enns were confronted by Canadian wildlife officers, who ended up finding 50 walleyes (38 fish over the legal limit of six each) in two of the Canadian angler’s coolers  at the Leamington Municipal Marina.

Canadian legislation states anglers are allowed to keep up to six walleye each, according to Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.

The men reportedly plead guilty to the charges for possessing more than a limit of walleyes caught in Lake Erie, and each were fined $5,000. In addition, they were also forced to forfeit four fishing rods, two tackle boxes, two coolers – and of course, the fish they illegally caught and kept.

Hopefully losing their tackle hit them hard enough where it counts so they won’t pull anything like this ever again.

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