Video: This is How Alaskans Have Fun; By Launching Cars Off a 300-Foot Cliff


For most people, the Forth of July is highlighted with colorful fireworks displays blowing up across the sky. But in Glacier View, Alaska, they do things a little different.

The day is still filled with plenty of good food, family, friends and fun, but when it’s time for the show, Glacier View residents have their own unique idea that – in our opinion – is better than fireworks . . . much, much better.

According to Alaska Dispatch News, folks all gather near the toe of Matanuska Glacier, and look up. However, instead of watching fireworks launch into the sky, they watch old, beat-up cars fly off a 300-foot cliff!

The car launching started back in 2005, and has continued ever since.

“Any little kid’s dream is to roll a rock down a hill. This is [that] times 10,” said Dustin Hrncir, son of Arnie Hrncir, who organizes the party.

Watch a video of the whole celebration below:

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