Operation Nerf .22: Turning a Nerf Gun into a Real Gun


So, someone altered a Nerf gun to shoot real bullets, and we don’t know if it’s awesome or alarming . . .

The gun is pictured here in a series of photos, first showing the gutted toy gun with a .22 barrel replacing the original plastic one.

A bolt is added along with a few other minor modifications, including a couple zip ties (because when in doubt, throw some zip ties on it!) and the final product is complete.

You’ll notice a built-in bipod, because the people over at Nerf care about your accuracy on those tricky long-range shots.

Here are the photos:

Gunnit Rust: Operation 22lr Nerf

As you saw in the photo gallery, the barrel didn’t quite hold up to being fired with live ammunition, (this is why you can’t have nice things) but at least it was fun while it lasted!

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