Did Somebody with Bad Intentions Booby-Trap a Shotgun to Kill Online Buyer?


An eerie Facebook post showed what’s either a potential booby-trapped shotgun, or an extremely wild set of circumstances.

The photos show the inside of either a Winchester 1200 or 1300 shotgun, and if you look closely, you’ll notice something that doesn’t belong . . .

Lodged inside the firearm was a .380 ACP pistol round aimed directly at the person firing the weapon. The intention or freak mishap hasn’t been determined yet, but the incident has allegedly been reported to BATFE and local authorities.

Here are the photos posted by Tap Rack Bang:

The whole ordeal has gained quite a bit of attention on Facebook, racking up nearly 5,000 shares and well over 1,000 comments of people weighing in on what may have occurred here. Scrolling through the comments, it appears to be a mixed bag of people on alert and downplaying skeptics.

One user even suggested the bullet was placed by an anti-gun advocate trying to murder a gun owner.

While that last part may never be confirmed, this is a great example of why you should always inspect your guns before firing them – especially if you purchased it online!

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