Maine Senator Wants a Lobster Emoji; Faces Tough Battle Against ‘Sad Poop Face’


Maine Senator Angus King noticed something close to his heart was missing in the emoji department, and he’s now pushing for a change.

King, along with a majority of other Mainers, wants a lobster to be featured in the newest batch of emojis, set to be released in October, according to the Portland Press Herald.

Maine’s favorite crustacean has reportedly already made a short list of candidates, but it’s up against the following stiff competition: sad poop face, kangaroo, hippopotamus and bagel.

“People in Maine – as well as others across the world – understand that the lobster is a culturally and economically important animal,” King wrote in a letter to the Unicode Consortium, the group that gives new emojis the stamp of approval. “I respectfully request [a lobster emoji] so that people who fish, process, serve, eat, or otherwise admire the lobster can accurately express themselves in emoji form.”

Where is the love for Maine?

Not only are they fighting to get their favorite crustacean on the list, but their state animal – the moose – is also nowhere to be found in emoji world. It remains to be seen whether King’s plea will land lobsters another gig as an emoticon, but something has to give! After all, if you didn’t use a lobster emoji when eating one, did you really eat lobster at all?

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