Video: Canning Venison Stew to Enjoy All Season Long


Venison stew is a staple for any deer camp. Truth be told, the thought of a big bowl of savory venison stew can act as strong motivation to get yourself up before the sun rises and go sit in that treestand.

After harvesting a deer, you are suddenly faced with the decision of what to do with all the meat. Of course, grilling some tasty backstrap is job #1, and drying steaks for jerky is always a fan favorite, but what about after that?

Did you know you can actually can venison stew to enjoy all season long? Find out how in the video below:

Although it might seem a little strange, canning is a great way to preserve meat so you can enjoy it all year long. Make sure you read this OutdoorHub article to learn about canning fish too!

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