Hunter, His 3-Year-Old Son & 5-Year-Old Nephew Have a Harrowing Encounter With a Pack of Wolves


Upland hunters chasing bird dogs through the grouse woods have a long list of things to watch out for. Among the top of that list for every bird dog hunter, is wolves.

Here’s a hunting story that gets you nice and tense from the very beginning:

“He was coming at me 100 miles per hour, and right behind him was a wolf, biting at his heels,” explains Justin Bailey, 33, of Isabella, Minnesota.

WDAY News reports Bailey was hunting for ruffed grouse near Isabella with his 3-year-old son and 5-year-old nephew tagging along.

A wolf was in hot pursuit of his 1-year-old German wire-haired pointer, Henry, and he was headed straight for Justin’s truck.

“The dog jumped in the window of the truck, and the wolf did a quick lap around the truck,” Justin said.

He explained how everything happened so fast, and all the things he was taking into account – his young son and nephew, the fact that wolves are classified as endangered in Minnesota, and the possibility of more wolves.

Going back to how it all started, Justin said, “I sent him into the woods to find the bird, he did one pass in there and got on point. I was on the road and he had the bird pinned down. Then he made this awful screech – it was a cross between a yip and a cry. He must have been about 30 yards away,” Justin told WDAY News.

Here’s a Facebook post he wrote after the encounter:

Sure enough Henry found himself in the truck surrounded by wolves.

Justin apparently fired a round from his 20-gauge shotgun into the air, but “they didn’t even flinch,” he said.

His dog was not injured, but mortified by the experience. Needless to say, Henry was done hunting for that day at least.

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