Video: Man Caught on Camera Ambushing Deer in Residential Neighborhood


Residents of a California neighborhood watched a man with a bow and arrow shoot a deer right in front of their homes, and one man caught it all on his home surveillance camera.

According to CBS LA, Mike Rodriguez claimed to have shot the deer earlier in the day, but it survived and made it to a residential neighborhood in Monrovia.

Since the video surfaced online, Rodriguez’s actions were met with harsh criticism, however he confidently stands by his decision.


“I didn’t want it to suffer any more than it had to because of my bad shot,” he stated. “It moved at the exact time I fired my arrow so I didn’t hit it in the kill zone. I hit it high in the back of the spine area.”

However, some residents remain skeptical because something just isn’t quite adding up in his story. . .

Watch the video to see if you can find out what it is that’s keeping people suspicious of this guy:

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