The Facts Regarding Federal Regulation of Machine Guns in America


In the midst of chaos and confusion, details behind the senseless mass shooting in Las Vegas are still trickling out. During a time that doesn’t make any sense, we desperately search for answers to questions that we may never get answered.

That said, it’s more important now than ever before that we focus on the facts of the situation, including ownership and use of fully automatic firearms, which have been laid out in this well-written and researched article from The Federalist.

Initial reports that the shooter may have been armed with one or more fully automatic rifles has caused a flurry of demands echoing throughout Washington . . . that the government should ban these firearms, and politicians point the finger at the gun lobby for making such firearms legal. Again, read the article from The Federalist to learn the history and facts regarding ownership and use of fully automatic firearms.

Although, we now hear according to a Bloomberg report, that the shooter may have been equipped with multiple “bump-stocks,” which can be used to modify a semi-automatic weapon to act like a fully automatic weapon. (Click here to see a video that shows a bump-stock in action.)

Based on their report, Bloomberg says the Las Vegas shooter had 23 firearms in his hotel room, along with two bump-stocks. This story is very much alive and ever-changing, so if these facts change, or more details come out, we’ll be sure to report on it ASAP.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this heinous act of evil.

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