Video: We Think DTV Shredders Would be a Huge Hit at Deer Camp. What About You?


Is the U.S. ready for DTV Shredders?

According to Autoblog, it sounds like they’re making their way onto the U.S. market in a hurry, meaning you could be riding these through the woods before you know it!

This motorized vehicle is best described by AB as a cross between a skateboard, a tank, and a dirt bike . . . take one look at one, and you’ll see what we mean:

Now, we’re a little iffy on the concept of strapping on a helmet and racing these bad boys, but we could totally see having a couple at a cabin to drive out to a hard-to-reach hunting spot.

It’s been reported that they can reach speeds up to 25 mph, but just as long as they’re quiet enough, these could potentially be a monster hit in the hunting market. What do you think?

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