First Trophy Buck of the Season Falls, But No Hunter Involved


Deer season is just getting started, and an impressive buck that would have graced the wall of any hunter’s trophy room has already been killed, except there was no hunter involved . . .

To every hunter’s dismay, the 28-point buck was found dead early Monday morning (Oklahoma deer season opens October, 1) laying on the side of a road in an Edmond, Oklahoma, neighborhood. It had been hit by a car, which left the scene hours before authorities arrived.

According to News OK, George Moore, a Boone & Crockett scorer in Edmond, took the beast by its horns and measured a green score of 236 3/8.

A buck with a set of antlers like that would have definitely qualified as a Boone & Crockett buck had it been taken by a hunter, but the Wildlife Department intends to use the antlers in an educational display, and bring it to schools and other outdoor shows and events.

We hate to see deer – especially one with a set of headgear like this – get hit by cars. It’s obviously traumatizing for the driver, and can cause serious injuries, but the animal suffers, too, and the meat likely goes completely to waste. At least in this case, wildlife authorities are able to use this unfortunate incident to educate others.

Here is a photo of the buck’s antlers:

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