Potential Record Black Bear Taken in Georgia Dwarfs the Pickup that’s Hauling It


The scale never lies, and if this one reads true, Georgia might have a new record black bear on its hands.

Tim Watson, residing from Dillard, Georgia, received confirmation from the Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Division that a black bear he took with his bow and arrow weighed 673 pounds, making it the heaviest known bear ever taken in Georgia, a spokeswoman for the department told 11 Alive News.

However, even though the bear packed on enough pounds to be recognized as the heaviest bear taken in the state, bear records are strictly determined by skull measurements – similar to how deer records are only focused on the score of the antlers.

Only time will tell whether the bear ends up on top of the record books or not, but based on the photos we’ve seen of this magnificent animal, we have a fair amount of confidence it will blow other bear records out of the water. 

Just look at how the bear dwarfs the pickup truck in this photo:

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