Video: Hiker Appears to Have Been Attacked and Torn Apart by Wolves in Greece


The remains of a hiker have been found in the hills of northern Greece, and a coroner believes she may have been attacked, torn apart and devoured by a pack of wolves, Fox News reports.

Nikos Kifnidis, a Greek coroner, examined the fleshless remains during an autopsy where he discovered both the victims femurs had been cracked, and large bite marks could be seen on the bones.

When the remains were discovered, authorities also found laying near the body a passport for Celia Lois Hollingworth, 63.

According to Fox, the woman had been reported missing by her brother in England, who apparently received a panicked phone call from his sister saying she was being attacked by dogs.

Investigators on the case have yet to confirm the identity of the body, but all the evidence is certainly starting to add up to them belonging to Hollingworth.

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