Video: Insane Man Lets Rattlesnake Treat His Face Like a Jungle Gym


After watching this video of guy letting a rattlesnake treat his face like a jungle gym, we just can’t give you a big enough NOPE!

There’s not a whole lot of context surrounding this bizarre Facebook video, however, after taking a peek at Michael Martin’s Facebook page, we can tell you this is not the first time he’s treated a snake like a sucking candy:

Apparently, Martin has a very strange bond with snakes, and he’s not afraid in the slightest about letting one crawl all over his face, or anywhere for that matter! Take a look at this photo on his Facebook, showing one of the times a snake turned on him:

I don’t know about you, but when the snake started crawling up through his glasses, that was more than I could handle. 

If you have a friend that’s afraid of snakes, sit them down in front of this video and watch them squirm!

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