Video: Ruffed Grouse Lands on Bowhunter’s Arrow


Grouse hunters beware: the following video may cause anger and confusion.

You know that awkward moment when you’re deer hunting, and you get the closest grouse encounter you’ve ever imagined? If you’re a grouse hunter, you’ll certainly appreciate this video . . .

Grouse hunters share a special affinity for this elusive bird. Beyond their natural beauty, and how great their tail fans look placed above the fireplace, grouse are expert escape artists that can give even the sharpest shooter plenty of fits. 

With that being said, the last thing this archery deer hunter likely ever expected was for one of these “Houdini birds” to come land right on his quiver of arrows and practically say ‘hello!’

Here’s the video (be sure to turn up the volume to hear the hunter’s comments and the grouse vocalizations):

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