Video: This is the Footage You Get When You Deploy a Drone in Northern Ontario


It’s fairly safe to say we can all agree that nature is pretty sweet, right?

Well, someone deployed a drone to patrol the northern Ontario wilderness, and they hit the Mother Nature jackpot . . .

Buzzing around over a secluded lake, the drone’s camera catches a glimpse of a moose standing in shallow water. The drone hovers around for a little while, allowing you to take in the beautiful landscape that’s all around in Ontario, and that’s when things get dicey for the moose.

Suddenly, a smaller figure erupts from out of the woods and jumps in the water between the moose and the woods. The camera realizes what’s going on, and zooms in to get a better look.

This is what it captured:

This type of drama is an everyday occurrence in the forest, and we’re pretty darn lucky that the internet allows us to connect and see it like this, while we sit in the comfort of our warm homes and offices.

Thumbs up if you agree nature is great in high definition! 

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