Video: Did This Guy See a Black Panther Casually Hanging Out in Mississippi?


Residents of Hernando, Mississippi, saw what some are claiming was a black panther, however, wildlife officials aren’t sure what it was . . .

A Facebook video taken by David Sluber, which now has over 200K views, captured the large animal as it reportedly appeared outside a Wendy’s.

“That is an absolutely enormous something over there,” Sluber can be heard saying in the video. 

According to WMC Action News 5, Sluder was standing around 100 yards away when he shot the video, and said the animal just strolled out of the woods and casually hung-out outside a Wendy’s. Sluder said the cat-like animal was so big, it was immediately apparent this was not just your average house cat.

Without catching the animal, biologists say it would be hard to say officially what it is, but they suggested it could be a black panther, a cougar, or a mountain lion.

They also pointed out that panthers haven’t been seen in Mississippi in over 100 years . . .

So, what do you think it was?

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