Two NHL Players Spend Day Off Reeling in Gigantic White Sturgeon


After the team notched its first win in their belt, Winnipeg Jets defenseman Dustin Byfuglien, and left winger Matt Hendricks, spent their day off from the NHL to hit the Fraser River in British Columbia, where they continued the success by landing one gigantic fish . . .

 The two NHLers were on a guided fishing trip with Sturgeon Slayers, a fishing company based out of B.C., and located right on Fraser River. 

According to Twin, the owner of the fishing company, Kevin Estrada, said the fish that Byfuglien and Hendricks caught, “would have been well over 10-feet long, but we don’t measure full length (in British Columbia.)”

After the Jets duo reeled in the dinosaur-like fish, Sturgeon Slayers posted the following tweet showing the size of this massive creature: 

Byfuglien, who was a scratch from the team’s first game with a lower body injury, apparently forgot the No. 1 rule when you call in sick to work: no posting pictures on social media.

The team’s highest paid blueliner caught a bit of flack from Jets fans, however, his head coach reportedly had no problem with his off-day activity choice – he even said himself he was “a little bit jealous,” – and who wouldn’t be?!

Injured or not, we know Byfuglien won’t be hanging up his fishing rod anytime soon. This is far from his first time tussling with these big sturgeon, as he and former teammate Andrew Ladd had similar success back in 2014: 

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