Inland Manufacturing Releases Tactical M1 Carbine Pistol


For the gun owner who thought they had everything, you might want to scope this news release from Inland Manufacturing. . . it sounds like they’ve been working on something that may peak your interest.

Check it out in the news release below:

 New .30 Caliber Pistol for 2018

Available soon

 MKS Supply, Inc., Dayton, OH, October, 2017 – Inland Manufacturing, makers of the incredibly popular Inland series of M1Carbines, debuts its new .30 caliber carbine pistol.

Inland’s new M30-P pistol with Gear Head Mod II Tail Hook Arm Brace is a highly modified version of Inland’s popular full size .30 caliber carbine. It is fitted into a special Sage Enhanced Battle Rifle tactical carbine stock, and comes with a Gear Head Works Mod II Arm Brace, Ergo Sure Grip pistol grip, and handy (1/2×28 tpi threaded) 12-inch barrel.

The Sage EBR M30-P chassis*1 is specially designed for this Inland pistol and when combined with the Mod II Tail Hook Arm Brace (fits the forearm, it is not a shoulder stock) makes effective one-hand shooting a breeze. The easily removable arm brace is incredibly quick to employ for a firm, positive fit for either right or left hand use.

Inland’s 12-inch barrel delivers excellent ballistics, especially with today’s modern ammunition. Each M30-P is shipped with one 10-round magazine and, like all Inland .30 caliber carbines and pistols, the magazine catch fits higher-capacity military and civilian magazines.*2

These features combine to make the Inland M30-P pistol a highly efficient, compact, robust, and accurate system.


Barrel: 12-inch threaded muzzle (½-inch x 28 tpi) with protector.

Stock: Sage EBR Aluminum Chassis, MIL-SPEC black anodized and Gear Head Works Mod II Tail Hook Arm Brace.

Caliber: .30 caliber carbine

Sight: M1 style, with adjustable ghost ring aperture rear sight.

Overall length: With arm brace: 29 3/8 inches – Without arm brace: 20 1/4 inches.

Weight: With arm brace: 5.5 pounds – Without arm brace: 4.5 pounds.

Capacity: One 10-round magazine with each pistol.

MSRP: $1699

*1. The Sage Enhanced Battle Rifle stock is a MIL-SPEC black hard anodized aluminum chassis with an integral Picatinny rail made specifically for this pistol. The U.S. Military has been using a special Sage EBR M-14 chassis for select military units and operations for the last few years.

*2. Owners should check with local and state laws regarding legality of handgun magazine capacity larger than 10 rounds.

Here’s a video highlighting Inland’s massively popular full size .30 caliber carbine:

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