Video: Kayak Angler Saves Iguana Found Swimming Four Miles Offshore


So, this guy was out kayaking off the shore of Key West, Florida when he came across an iguana swimming in the ocean roughly 4 miles from land. What happened next, landed these two in the trending video section on YouTube.

At first, the man wasn’t sure what to make of the strange looking object floating in the water, but then it started moving. . . 

Once he realized it was an iguana – and seeing how off track it was – he pulled up next to it and offered it a ride back to shore. Almost instantly, the lizard turns around and makes a beeline for the man’s boat.

The iguana hops on and the two make their way back to land. But before the man can escort his new acquaintance to the shore, it almost appears as if it recognizes the mangroves close by, and it jumps off the boat to make a run for them.

A pretty cool story! Check it out:

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