Video: Can Brake Rotors Withstand Being Shot by a .50 Cal BMG?


Sometimes, the best way to solve something once and for all is to just put your feet to the pavement and test it out yourself. Our favorite time to apply this theory – as well as Matt’s – is to test the strength of random objects compared to different guns and ammo.

You’ve seen Demolition Ranch‘s videos before, so you might already be familiar with the kind of arsenal Matt has available. If not, don’t worry because you get a pretty good peek at some of his guns in the video – spoiler alert: they’re all pretty awesome . . . 

But this isn’t a beauty contest, this is a test of strength and power, so let’s get to the shooting!

In this video, Matt lines up several brake rotors varying in size and thickness, and wants to see how strong they really are. He starts off small, but quickly realizes he’s going to need all the muscle he can get just to put a dent in these things.

He starts with a .22 and works all the way up to a .50 cal BMG. Think the rotors will last long? Find out by watching the video:

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