Hunter Shoots Freak Buck After Watching Him Grow into a 36-Point Giant


A hunter down in Mississippi had been keeping tabs on a specific 6-point buck for the past 4 years. He watched him drop his antlers and re-grow another 6-point rack for the second consecutive season, and figured that was the buck’s ceiling. This hunter has never been so happy to be proven wrong . . .

According to The Clarion-Ledger, Stan Ethredge said he planned to shoot the deer last season, but never got a good crack at him. Stan continued to monitor the buck during the warm months of summer, and even started noticing a few abnormalities on his rack, such as drop-tines and stickers.

By fall, Ethredge would barely be able to identify the buck because the rack had outgrown last year’s version by a tremendous amount. On top of that, Ethredge noticed something else that stood out as strange to him.

“October came around and he was still in velvet,” Ethredge explained. “He had a big drop-tine on one side. I knew something was going on with him.”

The Clarion-Ledger reports that biologists believe the abnormal antler growth may be due to a lack of testosterone in the deer.

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