Australian Men Criticized for Swimming into Baited Crocodile Trap


If you’re having a bad day, just remember there’s a group of men that actually swam into a baited crocodile trap in Queensland, Australia.

We can only assume this was a contest to see who can pull off the stupidest stunt of all time, and these guys nailed it. In fact, you can forget a monthly moron award, because according to The Guardian a local mayor dubbed these guys the “idiots of the century.”

Photos of the men swimming in and around the trap – located at the Port Douglas Marina – surfaced online, and it wasn’t long before people connected the dots between a recent croc attack and the very location where the men were frolicking about.

An environment minister, Steven Miles, posted a photo of the men on Twitter, and expressed his disbelief as well:

“It appears they’ve. . . swam under a sign that says it’s illegal to tamper with this trap and put themselves literally where we put the bait,” The Guardian reports Miles said. “I’ve seen some pretty ridiculous things in my time as environment minister, particularly when it comes to crocodiles, but this one takes the cake.”

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