We usually jump on any opportunity to encourage hunters to practice treestand safety, so here’s a helpful reminder to anyone using a climbing stand.

A Saline County Conservation Agent, Chase Wright, received a call one day from a bowhunter who found himself in a bad situation. 

The hunter was using up in a tree using a climbing treestand, but he never tethered the bottom of the stand to the top. When Wright found his way to the bowhunter, he quickly used the opportunity as a teaching lesson for other hunters.

Once he snapped a couple of photos for Facebook, Wright rigged up a way to get the bottom portion of the stand back up to the hunter.

You can view the photos and how the hunter got down in the Facebook post below:

This is a good reminder to check the cord you use for your climbing stand, but it also brings up another important safety tip for hunters: Always tell someone where you’ll be hunting in case of an emergency like this where somebody has to come looking for you.

Stay safe hunters!


Image courtesy Facebook

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