Video: Hunter has Eerie Feeling Wash Over Him; Finds Himself Face-to-Face with Stealthy Mountain Lion


Have you ever had an eerie feeling like you’re being stalked or watched while walking through the woods? 

Montana hunter Joe McGillivray suddenly had that kind of feeling wash over him while he was hunting one morning, and he turned around to discover a very stealthy mountain lion had crept up on him.

McGillivray posted videos of his encounter to his Facebook page, and you can totally feel the tension through your screen! Reminder: Be sure to turn up the volume on each video to hear McGillivray’s commentary.

Don’t be fooled, McGillivray is making sounds and telling the cat to come back, but he definitely doesn’t want that little guy hanging around him.

McGillivray claims he never even heard the lion coming – which is fitting with their ninja-like capabilities – and he only “got a feeling” something was behind him.

That’s never a good feeling to get when you’re in the woods!

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