Video: Rage’s All New Trypan Broadhead Cuts Through Steel Drum


Every bowhunter has his or her own preference when it comes to choosing a broadhead, but Rage is trying to eliminate that tough decision by making a broadhead no hunter can pass up.

Bowhunters know exactly what they want out of a broadhead. It’s all about performance, and we want to harvest our game quickly and cleanly. 

Along with that, hunters want to ensure they can recover the animal after the shot, and the broadhead they choose plays a huge factor in that. If we hit the animal in the shoulder, we want a broadhead that can power through that thick shoulder blade, and still get into the animal’s vitals.

Is there a broadhead out there that covers every single one of the bases? The answer isn’t as clean cut as any broadhead manufacturer would like, but Rage is certainly onto something with its new Hypodermic Trypan mechanical broadhead.

With a .039-inch-thick blade, Rage claims these are the thickest blades they’ve ever used in a broadhead – and it really shows in the performance!

For a visual on how strong these broadheads are, here’s a video showing Rage shooting the Trypan through a steel drum into a target. (Be sure to turn up the volume for best viewing.)

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