Video: 122-Pound Python Taken Out of Everglades by Dusty ‘Wildman’ Crum


A gigantic python weighing 122 pounds was taken out of the Everglades by Dusty “Wildman” Crum, a professional python hunter working to eliminate this invasive species through the Python Elimination Program.

The snake, measuring 16-feet, 11-inches, breaks Dusty’s previous record by just 1-inch.

“It was an unbelievable match,” Crum states in the Facebook video below, which was posted by the South Florida Water Management District, “I’ve never been tested like that before.” (Be sure to turn up the volume of the video.)

The Python Elimination Program was launched back in March, and is part of an aggressive measure to protect the Everglades from an invasive species eradicating an entire ecosystem.

The program offers incentives in the form of monetary compensation for the python hunters, who since March 25 to June 1 this year, have taken out 158 pythons – that’s a total of 1,369-feet and 3,725-pounds of snake!

“A big thanks to the SFW water district for turning us loose on these pythons,” Crum said. “We’re taking ’em out of the Glades one snake at a time.”

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