Video: It Doesn’t Get More Redneck than this Highway Deer Accident


Well, this isn’t the traditional way of taking a buck, but boy is it a funny story!

Steve McGranahan, a comedian known for his funny redneck videos on YouTube, appears to have been involved in a little car accident on the highway. From the sound of it, a deer jumped onto the road, and Steve was struck by the car next to him; the driving was trying to avoid hitting the deer in the first place.

Steve then hit the guard rail and the deer, killing it.

Now, as a hunter, watching a deer get hit by a car is one of the worst things you can see, but McGranahan saw an opportunity for a little humor in a rather gloomy moment, and we think you’ll find it pretty funny as well:

Turn up the volume to hear who Steve “thanks” for allowing him to take this buck: 

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