Video: Hunter Rescues Buck That Got Locked in a Tree While Making a Rub With a Chainsaw


Watch how this hunter rescues a buck. . . on his way IN from his treestand.

You know that frustrating feeling when you’re in your treestand, and the conditions are perfect, but you aren’t seeing deer?

You catch yourself coming up with bizarre scenarios in your head, like ‘all the bucks must have followed a doe over to the next county,’ or something to that effect. . . but this hunter, on his way in from a long evening hunt, actually discovered why he wasn’t seeing any deer.

A buck was in the middle of making a rub on a tree, when it’s antlers got wrapped around it and stuck in an awkward position. The hunter called a buddy to help him free the deer, and this is the video they took:

Spoiler alert: the buck doesn’t even stick around to say thank you!

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