N.C. Bowhunter Takes Second Boone and Crockett Buck in Two Years!


They say lightning doesn’t strike in the same spot twice, but try telling that to Patrick Williams, who holds not one, but two records in the Boone and Crockett Club all-time record book.

According to Carolina Sportsman, Williams has been keeping close tabs on this buck for several years, and when it made its first trail-cam pic debut of the 2017 season, Williams knew it was time to arrange a little pow-wow with this buck. 

“He blew up this year and added a lot of bone mass,” Williams said. “I had a few pictures of him over the last few weeks during the daylight, and it was the first daylight photos I had of him in over a year. And with the pressure system coming in, I knew it was time to go after him.”

Initial measuring puts this buck at 181-inches with 19 total points – a good bet to beat the current non-typical state-record.

As Carolina Sportsman reports, these are the details behind William’s hunt for this deer:

“This was the first time I sat on this deer, and this was the first time all season I felt like it was the right time to go after him,” Willams said.

It wasn’t long after he slipped into his treestand that Willams started seeing action from down below.

“Two young bucks started running does all through the hardwoods,” he recalled. “They were hitting horns, hitting trees, and just making a ruckus all afternoon. I think that is what got him stirred up, because he showed up downwind of these deer shortly after 6:30. I looked up and saw big beams coming through the woods.”

This is the moment when hunters use everything they’ve learned throughout the years, and as this deer kept getting closer and closer to Williams, he picked his shooting lane and got ready.

“As soon as he hit the lane, his trot turned into a run going after those other deer, and I felt like I missed my opportunity. I had my lanes clipped well, but I couldn’t get a clean shot,” he stated.

The buck disappeared out of sight, and for a moment, Williams was gutted.

Then, he looked up and saw the does circle back towards him.

“That’s when I knew it was all getting ready to happen,” he said.

By the time the buck presented Williams with a clean shot, he was already at full draw anticipating the deer’s last step before letting his Rage Hypodermic broadhead do work.

“I let the arrow fly and the deer dropped right into the path of the arrow,” Williams said. “I would have missed him if he didn’t drop down at that perfect time.”

“It was a beautiful hunt. The good Lord has blessed me beyond belief,” Williams said.

The buck’s 6×7 main-frame, with six other scorable points, is almost five points higher than the previous non-typical archery record from 2005.

Even if Williams’ buck were to lose four inches during the 60-day drying period, it will still go down as the biggest non-typical ever taken in North Carolina with a bow.

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