Video: Repeatedly Hitting a 6″ Plate at 300 Yards is ‘Long Range’ Shooting Fun


It’s time for a little long range shooting fun using a .22 LR – lets get to shooting!

By now, it should be no secret that we at OutdoorHub are suckers for long range shooting, so we couldn’t pass this video up.

Watch Jim Spinella and Doug Pritchard work together as a team to fit six rounds in a four inch group at 300 yards with a precision HCR Custom .22 Long Rifle:

Using a .22 is an excellent way to work on your shooting technique, and learn how to judge varying winds at ranges that are much more accessible to the every day shooter.

No recoil, almost zero noise, very low ammo cost, and nearly infinite barrel life make this a very attractive way to enjoy pushing your shooting limits and honing your knowledge and skills.

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