Video: Deer Gores Hunter to Death with its Antlers After Being Cornered


A deer hunter in France was gored by a stag deer during a hunt just recently, and it’s being reported that the man has died from his injuries.

According to The Local, the man was acting as a “beater,” and was attempting to corral the deer into a certain area when he was gored by it’s antlers.

“He was charged and pierced by a deer which stabbed him with his antlers,” a police spokesman stated. The man died before emergency paramedics could get to the scene.

Guy Harlé, the president of the local hunters federation said, “Normally the animal would flee, but this time he decided to charge. It came after him.

“The antlers of the stag are like many knives piercing you, there is nothing you can do. This tragic accident reminds us that we do not play with a wild animal. There is an inherent risk with hunting,” said Harlé.

The victim has reportedly been named as Regis Levasseur.

“For him, hunting was more than a hobby, it was his life,” Harlé said.

This sad news comes just a week after a group of hunters using hound dogs chased a stag into a neighborhood – or the garden of a private home if you want to get all technical.

The incident caused France’s environment minister, Nicolas Hulot, to bash hunting behind hounds, and called it “a practice from another century that prolongs the agony of the animal.”

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