Kansas City Royals Manager Says Fall From Deer Stand Almost Killed Him


Kansas City Royals manager Ned Yost had a terrifying experience in the woods just recently, when he was fixing a deer stand on his property in Georgia and fell from the tree.

According to Jeffrey Flanagan of MLB.com, Yost shattered his pelvis and broke some ribs in the fall, but the doctors apparently told Yost he’s lucky to be alive.

Yahoo reports Yost has credited his survival to having immediate access to his cellphone, and says if he hadn’t been able to call for help, he would have bled out. 

Talk about a scary hunting story!

Yost, 63, is a serious outdoorsman and deer hunter, so this likely wasn’t his first rodeo in a treestand. However, experience doesn’t make you impervious to accidents. 

Let this be a reminder to always wear a safety harness – even if you’re just making adjustments and not planning to sit for an entire hunt.

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