Video: Firing Molten Iron Crossbow Bolts Out of a Home-Made Crossbow


If you’re getting prepped for a zombie apocalypse, then this next video has your name written all over it.

In this video, the guys from the YouTube channel MAKE IT REAL craft a weapon that you would only expect to see in some kind of video game.

It appears to be just a normal crossbow, but wait until you see what it can do . . .

That’s right, in just seconds you go from firing a crossbow bolt, to firing a molten crossbow bolt. And everyone knows that fire makes everything way cooler.

The interesting part about this video, though, is how the red-hot crossbow bolts perform. They still set fire to whatever they’re being shot at, which makes for a really badass way to start a bonfire, but you might be surprised to see what happens when they hit the target.

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