November Rut Action Brings Michael Hunsucker a Beautiful Buck


The month of November produces some of the most exciting deer hunts of the year. 

From the sound of it, Michael Hunsucker from Heartland Bowhunter had one of those hunts just recently, and he got to witness some incredible rut action. According to his Facebook post, Michael had a decoy set up out in a field, and you know how those mature rutting bucks can respond to a decoy this time of year . . .

This buck wasn’t pleased at all to see Hunsucker’s decoy, and he came in and plowed it right over. To the buck’s surprise though, he ended up presenting a perfect 20-yard shot, and Michael capitalized on it big time!

Here’s Michael’s description of how it went down, along with the Facebook post below:

“This time of year is an exciting time to hunt and this old Iowa bruiser proved why.

After making his way into the field and spotting the decoy his demeanor changed completely. He did the stiff leg walk all the way across the field and plowed over the decoy smashing it into the ground. Unsure with what had just happened, he spun back to look at the damage offering me a 20 yard shot. My arrow hit its mark and he didn’t make it out of the field before piling up.

Huge thanks to The Lindsey Way for having us up!”

You can check out more exciting hunts from Heartland Bowhunter in their heart-pounding mini-series “Behind the Draw,” available only on CarbonTV:


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