Alabama Man Shoots Auburn Fan During Argument Over ‘Iron Bowl’ Rivalry


There are diehard super fans, and then there are fans that will take a bullet for their team . . . no literally.

Alabama police say an argument between two college football fans led to a shooting outside a motel in Mobile, Alabama, WKRG reports.

Based on the police report, the two rival fans began arguing over which team was better in the famed Iron Bowl rivalry, Alabama or Auburn. 

Like we said, the argument turned ugly when the Alabama fan pulled out a firearm and shot the Auburn fan in the leg. The shooter fled on foot, and has not been caught.

The victim’s status is unknown at this time.

The two schools are set to meet each other November 25 for the 2017 Iron Bowl, and with both teams competing for a spot in the playoffs, just go ahead and add another log to this fire.

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