Video: This is Why You Shouldn’t Park Your Truck Nearby When Shooting Explosive Targets


It just wouldn’t be a Friday around here if we didn’t have a close-call video to talk about all weekend . . .

This one – unfortunately – takes place at a gun range, when a couple buddies decide to go out and shoot at some explosive targets. 

They got all the targets set up and ready to roll, except they forgot to take something pretty important into account. One of the men fires at the targets rigged with explosives, and they quickly discover why you shouldn’t park your truck anywhere near something that goes boom.

Watch what happens in the video below (Warning: explicit language):

Remember when a YouTuber severed his own leg after shooting a lawnmower loaded up with explosives? Folks, please leave these kinds of stunts to the professionals. They are highly dangerous, and clearly unpredictable.

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