Video: Cuttlefish Are Basically Just Aliens Hiding in the Ocean


Ever heard of a Sepiida before? They’re better known as cuttlefish, and they’re pretty much aliens disguised as marine creatures.

Despite their name, cuttlefish are not fish. Instead, they’re considered molluscs.

Cuttlefish have eight arms, huge W-shaped pupils, and two tentacles armed with sharp toothed suckers, which they use to make sure their prey doesn’t escape.

Here’s a short clip showing how their strange pupils work:

(Note: if you see a cuttlefish make this face, you might be swimming in the wrong waters. . .)

via wikipedia

This isn’t the largest species swimming in the ocean, but recent studies show cuttlefish make up for their lack in stature with the size of their brains. See, cuttlefish are thought to be among the most intelligent boneless critters on Earth, which would makes sense since they also have one of the largest brain-to-body size ratios of all invertebrates. 

Oh yeah, and they’re pretty much masters of camouflage. You’ll see in the image below, cuttlefish can change the look of their skin to suite whatever environment they’re hunting in – Jealous!

Two cuttlefish with dramatically different colorationvia wikipedia

Now that we’ve introduced you to these extraterrestrial-like critters, here’s a cuttlefish in action chasing after a lure:

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