Video: Would You Add One of These to Your Deer Camp Toy Collection?


What do you think of this invention? There seems to be some serious variance in opinion, but let’s think about this. Maybe you want one for your toy collection after all . . .

It’s a cab that attaches to the top of your snowmobile, and most folks say it defeats the purpose.

While we can’t totally argue with you on that, we do think they serve other purposes. Check them out to see what we’re talking about: 

They look nice to have for certain situations, or maybe to drive around deer camp, but we wouldn’t want to be inside one of these if the sled tipped over . . .

Sure, you don’t HAVE to drive one of these things like you’re James Bond running from bad guys, and if there were a deer that needed dragging back to camp, you would love to haul it back while riding inside one of these! It might be good for those slow-speed excursions onto frozen lakes for ice fishing, too.

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